Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Glaring issues with iPhone UI remain

Apple's mobile operating system, iOS, has almost turned 10. Incidentally, it is at version 10 now as well.
One might as well call it "iOS X" now that there is no confusion with the macOS name.
(boy am I happy it is back to "macOS" name like the old times!)
But despite abundance of options and settings I am still missing a couple of simple things:

- Low battery indicator pops up in the middle, distracting me from whatever I am doing, and covering the centre of screen

I really wish it was a disappearing status bar alert at the top of screen. The pesky thing also repeats the flash act at 10 and 5% now, only to make it more annoying.
An option to go to Battery Saver mode automatically without asking my confirmation when it is lower than 20% would also be an improvement.

- Changing volume while watching a movie poses a similar issue with the central spot overtaken by the volume banner that takes few seconds to dissolve itself. When I am missing some phrases because of a low sound volume (or increased noise around me), turn the volume up and then get a "double whammy" by missing some visual action because of that pesky banner.

Apple, please make that banner pop up on top of screen.
It might also be nice to have a system-wide setting for all such banners.
The only banners that I want shown in the center are those that require my action - not confirmations of my actions.
"Dismiss" is not really a valid action - especially not when navigating in the car's hands-free holder.

Do you guys support my suggestions? Anything else you would like to improve in iOS User Interface?

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